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Follow This Easy And Effective Program To: 

  • Kickstart your health comeback
  • ​​Help Reduce Digestive Distress
  • Decrease Bloating & Gas
  • Assist in Lowering Inflammation 
  • ​Lose Weight and Increase Energy

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From The Desk Of Nicole Andrews

Boca Raton, Fl

I spent 20 years in private practice helping highly successful people undo years of neglecting their health. It was amazing to watch them turn their health around and feel fantastic by following simple ways of eating, living and achieving a supplement regimen specific to their individual needs.

I am now taking all of that experience and knowledge and giving it to YOU through our Eternity Warrior Challenges & Programs.

Looking forward to having you as part of the tribe!


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What's included:

Vanilla Vegan Superfood Shake

  • Vegan: Soy-free, Dairy-free, Gluten-free Plant-based Vegan Proteins-Pea/Rice 
  • Low In Sugar & Carbs: Choice of Original (5g sugar/ 15g carbs) or Sugar/Stevia Free (0g sugar (sweetened with monk fruit)/10g carbs
  • Detox: Strengthens our Body's OWN Detox System! 
  • Rich in Nutrients: Enhances our Antioxidant Function
  • Better Digestion: Supports Gut Function
  • Restorative: Heals gut lining

Best of The Best Ingredients:

Only $94.97

14-Day "BODY RESET" Guidebook

  • Professional Guidance: Devised by an RD & Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapist
  • Easy To Follow Plan: "Yes" Foods List, Foods to Avoid, Daily Dozen To-do's, Sample Menu
  • How Toxic Are You Quiz: Rate your level of toxicity based on current health complaints 

Juices & Smoothie Recipe Guide

  • Professional Guidance: Devised by an RD & Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapist
  • Easy To Follow Recipes: General guides & Specific recipes for your convenience 
  • Adds Variety: Switch up your DAILY Eternity Vegan Superfood shake with some of these yummy recipes!

Private Facebook Community Support

  • Daily Support & Encouragement
  • Private Group of "Like-minded" Warriors
  • ​Updates, Ideas, Recipes, Etc. to Help YOU Get the Results You Want!

Only $94.97

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"I was looking for a gentle “quickstart” towards my weight loss journey but what I received was much more! The “14-Day Body Reset” Challenge helped me to identify foods I have become sensitive to that I didn’t even know existed! I don’t feel bloated anymore and my migraines are virtually gone. The best “side-effect”? I lost 8 pounds!"


"Thanks to Nicole’s help, I have no more stomach discomfort and sudden races to the bathroom. The high-quality supplements and shakes she recommends, along with adhering to her diet and lifestyle changes recommended in this very challenge, I can honestly say I feel like a new women in just 2 weeks!!"


How Do I Get Started?

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  • Download the "14-Day Body Reset" Guidebook
  • ​Download the Juice & Smoothie Guidebook
  • Join Our Private Facebook Group
  • Start the Challenge when your Eternity Vegan Superfood Arrives
  • ​Get Support & Share in the Facebook Group (optional)
  • ​Finish the Challenge in Just 2 Weeks!
  • ​Feel Amazing!
  • ​Share YOUR "14-Day Body RESET" Benefits with Others!

This is your defining moment.

The decision to feel better is now. 

The 14 - Day Reset Challenge


Only $94.97

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